Neil Bennett portrait

Neil Bennett

Picture Editor


Neil Bennett is an award-winning picture editor and photographer living in Sydney, Australia.

His professional career began as a trainee photographer in 1989, the last great year of the black and white darkroom in the legendary photographic department at the Western Mail and Echo in Cardiff. Over the last three decades he has worked for various newspapers and magazines in the UK, US, and Australia including The Guardian, the BBC, Big Pictures and The Sunday Herald in Scotland. As a picture editor, staff photographer, and deputy editor - his career has also taken him on assignment to New York, Ethiopia, Washington and Tasmania.

Neil is currently the National Photographic Manager for News Corporation, Australia’s leading publisher based in Sydney, after emigrating in 2008. Since joining News Corp he has managed over 80 photographers and picture desk staff. He enjoys nurturing young trainees and inspiring more experienced photographers.

He still loves creating pictures and believes Magnum Founder Robert Capa got it right when he said, "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough”

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