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Kasia Wozniak



Kasia Wozniak, is a photographer who specialises in the Wet Plate Collodion process.

Wet Plate Collodion is one of the first photography techniques, dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The photograph is an outcome of a photographic ceremony, starting with the preparation of chemical solutions, pouring the negative solution onto the glass plate, which is then placed in the camera and exposed to the subject, the ceremony ends with developing the image in the darkroom. The fixed plate then becomes a hand crafted photograph.

Kasia Wozniak is fascinated by the idea of creating a photographic image that is permanent and fragile, encapsulating the bespoke element of the photograph created once and only once, in the moment never to be repeated. Simultaneously, she is concerned with the relationship between photographer, sitter and the viewer. Her work questions the authenticity of the image and how we view photographs today. Intrigued by how the photographic image can become an object in its own right in the age of digital image making.

Kasia has been a guest lecturer and workshop leader at the University of The Arts London and the Norwich University of the Arts.

Born in Poland 1983, she currently lives and works in London.



All images © Kasia Wozniak. Used here with permission.
Portrait of Kasia © Lily Bertrand-Webb

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